Where Medical Intuition Meets Mysticism

In this fascinating and rare opportunity, Caroline Myss and Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz—two internationally renowned authors and medical intuitives—join forces to help you solve your emotional, physical, and spiritual problems. Whether you’re overwhelmed with guilt, grief, weight issues, worry, headaches, or hormone problems, this online seminar is your opportunity to discover how to transform the toughest problems in your life.
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Stress Busters! - Online Course

Now, in our new Stress Busters online series, six of the world’s most celebrated experts in stress management and mind-body wellness give you the tools you need to put an end to stress and burnout. Join Dr. Robert Holden, Dr. David Hamilton, Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, John Parkin, Dr. Joan Borysenko, and Loretta LaRoche as they help you conquer all the components of stress—whether emotional, physical, and spiritual—so you can enjoy life and prosper both during this holiday season and throughout the year.
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The Seven Chakras (iTunes download)

The seven energy centers, or Chakras, allow energy to flow through our body. Blocked energy in any of the seven Chakras can often lead to illness, so understanding what each Chakra represents and how we can keep this energy flowing is paramount to good health.
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