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Dr. Mona Lisa, Medical Intuitive and Bestselling Hayhouse Author.

Home page slider - **Only Certificate Program** - Medical Intuition Training Week - Summer Camp in California

CALIFORNIA SPRING BREAK CAMP - FEBRUARY 2015: Medical Intuition Training Week - Certificate Program

Monday, February 23rd to Sunday, March 1st, 2015
Seven days of intuition training covering Emotional Centers 1 through 12.
Cost: $1995

*NEW Online Class Series: Pathways to Medical Intuition - Beginning in January 2015

Pathways to Medical Intuition

In this revolutionary program, in 7 easy lessons, you will learn how to be and how to heal as a medical intuitive. Completely updated, revamped, and revised, Dr. Mona Lisa Leads you by the hand through the fascinating, captivating field with up-to-date medical-scientific and intuitive knowledge peppered with humor and pop culture references.

Cost: $300


Private Readings

Dr. Mona Lisa does private Medical Intuitive Readings. Knowing only your name and age, over the phone,she will describe a specific emotional situation(s) that she sees aggravates your health. Next, she will describe your physical body. A reading takes an hour, which includes questions and answers and also includes detailed solutions.

Recent Testimonials

It is a delight to hear your practice and witness your razor like intuition in the field of medicine and human physiology. Your gift is a treasure. It has been 8 weeks or so since the reading and the family has benefited wonderfully.

— Anonymous (January 29th, 2014)

By far and large the most amazing show you have is Dr Mona Lisa. She is both funny and smart all at the same time (the woman is a hilarious genius!!). What she shares is so informative it’s life changing. I ABSOLUTELY love her and what she does in this world (and yes that includes all the crazy cat drama in the back ground— adds to the theatre of it all). Have been listening to her for years, and hope to be doing so for many more years to come.

— Leza Joe (Watson) (June 13th, 2014)

New Earth TV Interview with Dr. Mona Lisa

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